Getting you the legal assistance you deserve.

Like many general practitioners, I help clients in a wide array of issues. I have experience starting small companies, transferring liquor licenses, and drafting contracts for the purchase of equipment and inventory.

I have experience with, what I call, end of life issues from guiding a deceased person’s estate through probate to drafting wills, trusts, and powers of attorney.

I have experience defending people accused of crimes from trespassing to homicide.

I enjoy being involved in the important issues facing my community and hope to be part of the population that guides its growth for the next few decades.

John Ferguson - Traverse City Attorney

Areas of Practice Including

Criminal Defense

You can never control when you’re wrongfully accused. My knowledge of criminal justice will help you rightfully get the justice you deserve.

Child Custody and Adoption Matters

Guiding families on achieving an agreement among each party the best way possible. Aid your family through the difficult process of adoption.

Small Business Issues

Having legal trouble with clients? Getting sued? We’re here to help protect your business of these charges.

Non-profit Organization Issues

Can help your organization if you are starting up and give you the guidance on the paperwork that needs to be filed.

Drunk Driving Charges

My services will help you figure out how to settle your DUI or DWI.

Family and Domestic Issues

Helping families who have been having issues at home get the justice they legally deserve.

Liquor Control Licenses

Working with your business to get the proper paperwork to obtain a liquor license rightfully.

Real Estate Property

Trying to decide who gets what percentage of the house? We’re here to help settle those issues.

Drug Charges

A possession charge can have a significant, negative effect on your life. Get the legal protection you need to keep a positive reputation.

Commercial Kitchen/Food Licenses

Getting the proper paperwork to attain valid licenses to serve and cook food for the public.

Estate Planning

Life’s too short. We’re here to help you write your will, trusts, and powers of attorney.