Questions & Answers


This information is being shared to give you a general idea of legal steps to consider with certain issues. This information does not constitute specific legal advice for your individual situation. For this you should always consult an attorney.

I am thinking about leaving my spouse. I think everything will be easy, so why should I hire a lawyer?

First, let me say we are sorry you are going through this difficult time. We would always advise a client to talk to their spouse directly. In some cases, people can handle their own divorce. We frequently see people forget to address important issues, however. People often lament their lack of knowledge in thinking through the issues of dividing property or providing for children. Hiring a professional Traverse City attorney to perform a service for you costs money, to be sure, but we can add value to your situation by being efficient and methodical. Let’s talk for thirty minutes at no charge to see if we can be of help to you.

My partner and I are starting our own business. We aren’t going to take a salary for the first year and we want to be protected from liability. Should we incorporate or form a DBA?

We truly enjoy watching people start a business. Small business ownership is rewarding on so many levels. Our Traverse City business attorney team have experience helping people start a business, buy a business, sell a business, and expand a business. Not taking a salary is not a good idea. In most cases, filing a DBA isn’t a good idea either. Let us explain why. Let us explain your options to you and take the mystery out of forming and running a successful business. We’ll explain the differences between a corporation and an LLC, between an S-corp and a C-corp. We’ll show you how to work with other professionals so that your business is successful right away.

I read an ad in the paper about trusts. Can I just use a trust and not have a will?

We think everyone needs a medical power of attorney or living will, as it’s sometimes called. We also think everyone should have a will. These documents speak for you at a time when you can no longer speak for yourself. Trusts are fantastic for holding a class of assets for a class of beneficiaries. If you have a real need for a trust, then you will need one that is tailor-made for your individual needs. Many trusts are sold with the idea that you will avoid probate. In fact, many of the trusts we review don’t avoid probate—they guarantee probate. Come see us for a free half hour to discuss your current situation and your plans. Together, we will create documents that suit you.

I got into trouble and I am worried that I will be charged with a crime. What do I do?

Don’t say anything to anybody without talking to us. The criminal justice system can be intimidating. We have defended people accused of everything from disorderly conduct to homicide. We are well versed in alcohol, drug and marijuana laws. We can help you keep things simple so that you can make informed decisions on how to proceed. Then, we can help you put a professional face on your position. Your future is too important to leave it up to chance, trust our Traverse City attorneys.

I received a letter from a debt collector. Should I call a debt relief company?

There are several, good debt relief companies out there offering a valuable service to their clients. Unfortunately, their services can do more harm than good. Their programs may not fit your needs. Worse, we have seen cases where a person was provided no relief at all despite paying for such a service. we have experience with debt relief issues. Come see us for a free consultation to discuss your particular situation and we can map out a plan that works for you.